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When "Play" becomes "Art"

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

My girls used to love playing dress-up and make-believe when they were little. Most kids do. It's a landmark characteristic of childhood, when everything seems possible, and there are few boundaries to their imaginations, outside what mom or dad will allow in the house. Packing boxes become locomotive engines, a canning-jar lid becomes a silver bracelet, and mom's clothing that is quite large on her becomes her princess evening gown.

Recently, my granddaughter, Rowan put on one of her auntie's childhood costumes which we had kept, and with the help of a couple of safety pins and a chip-clip, she magically "fit" into the velveteen Medieval gown. This inspired a photo session that yielded the next in the Masterpiece Collection, "Rowan's Golden Pear."

There are few Summertimes left before she will be grown and on her own, just like the Auntie who first owned this dress. Capture the beauty and innocence of their youth today for priceless memories printed as art for your home for each of the tomorrows.

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