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Why Bother Printing Portraits?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

(featuring the work of artist @KevinJordanPortraits)

It used to be that every trip to the portrait studio ended with purchasing printed photos. Usually, it was one larger piece to mount in the home, a couple of 8x10’s to have grandma replace the ones from a year or two ago that we no longer like (because Sam had zits that year), and a handful of 5x7’s to frame and display on someone’s desk, around the house, and keep in an album. All in all, it was commonplace to see family photos in homes.

In time, the age of digital photos dawned and inevitably many just had a friend use a digital camera to help out, or mom or dad did it. We would post some to social media, then get back to our busy lives while tossing the thumb drive or digital disc into a drawer and that was that. Heaven help us if we wanted to print something later, because who could remember if the disc went in the kitchen catch-all drawer, or landed in the bottom of someone’s briefcase!

At the same time, with the advent of HGTV, Magnolia Network, DIYTV, and Pinterest, we now find ourselves looking for “affordable” art to put up in our homes. The search goes on and on because one piece has the right colors but looks like every other decorative piece out there, another is pretty but the framing is just “wrong”. Once the right piece is selected we will hang it then walk past it every day of the week and not even notice it anymore.

How priceless would it be to work with a portrait artist to come up with the perfect pieces to display in your home? Pieces photographed in special places or in the perfect landscape or studio setting, featuring you and your loved ones, designed to authentically reflect your family personality, and captured, finished and mounted to match your personal home style.

Kevin Jordan of North Carolina has been offering this service to his clients for many years.

Whether a massive over-the-mantle piece or more subtle sized artwork, his client’s homes are decorated with images of their families, and fill the heart with precious and timeless memories.

Kim Hannan Portraits will be opening soon in San Diego County, California and offering this type of service both locally and abroad. Working with clients to capture their authentic selves, and finished in styles that suit their decor is our specialty. We will offer fine art grade products on canvas, watercolor papers, acrylic and metal. We would love to work with you to design personalized art to match your home and surround you with the faces of the ones you love the most.

Check out our Masterpiece Collection for some uncommon and personalized artwork and substrates.

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