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Work / Life Balance?

#WorkLifeBalance is a catch phrase that gained popularity in the early 2000's and has gained more and more traction in the recent years. #Covid managed to point out that both businesses and individuals (or families) had become "heavy" in expected busy'ness and wasted activity that brought about less than expected or recognized benefit. We were all forced to slow down and be selective with what we did and did not do, like it or not (and most of us didn't like it at first for certain!)

Over the past month, my blog has been silent. This doesn't reflect less activity on my part. Rather it was "balancing" the business activity with personal- and family-related travel. My husband and I spent two weeks visiting family on the east coast. Checking in on our dads, seeing siblings and old friends became a full-time engagement for that time. During those weeks we also spent a few hours with friends and fellow artists #TimWalden and his wife, #BevWalden at Waldens Photography in Lexington, KY. We chose them to help capture this year of our lives in #BlackAndWhite #RelationshipPhotography portraiture. That was a wonderful time and we are really looking forward to having our in-person viewing session with Time via #Zoom today!

Shortly before leaving for these weeks of travel, we had the opportunity to mark the #OneYearBirthday for our friends little one, #EmmeRae. We were thrilled to reveal the #lifestylePhotography images and her #PaintedPortrait with the family yesterday evening at their in-person viewing session. What fun it is for me to share these with clients and hear them exclaim over and over "Ohhhh....!" and "that's my favorite!" followed 30 seconds later by "No, that one is my favorite!" Between me just loving to create art, and then sharing that with families with images and portraits that mark relationships and milestones...that just seriously "floats my boat," as they say.

After our trip east, we were home for a week then loaded the #RV and headed to central and northern #California with one of our daughters and her family. Time on the #KernRiver, in #Yosemite and over on the coast near #PismoBeach was wonderful. So much natural beauty, accompanied by the slow pace of camping, and fun times with kids and grandkids made this a week rich in value to us. This time of "rest and relaxation" leaves us strengthened and ready to pursue forward with greater strength and renewed creativity, not to mention that during the trip to the east, we completed two portrait sessions that we are currently editing and looking forward to sharing here over the next month.

So, enjoy our little gallery of nature photos, and purpose within yourself to find some it a couple of hours or a few fill up your personal reserve and come away re-strengthened for facing the everyday and other challenges on your plate. You won't regret it!

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