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Personalized Home Decor

According to an article from “On Better Living” regarding decorating your home with paintings and art they recommend:

MAKE SURE YOUR ART IS AUTHENTICALLY YOU This … isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Simply choose pieces that display something you want to convey or have a love for. Maybe you deeply believe in something or maybe you’re a superfan of something. Do you have a quirky sense of humor or love fashion and the latest trends? Choose pieces and art styles that speak to you and your personality. Find art that you’re authentically drawn to and that makes you feel good. Never choose art or art styles because they’re popular or trending on Pinterest. The more “you” they are the more you’ll enjoy them.

With the plethora of mass-produced art in fun shops such as Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Living Spaces, The Pottery Barn (the list goes on and on) one would think that finding that “just right” piece of art for one’s space, in “just the right size” wouldn’t be that challenging. I don’t know about you, but for me, I’ve been surprised by how many times I’ve been through every store within a day’s drive and just found nothing that would do!

How about creating art that is perfectly designed and produced to be legitimately “authentically you.”

This plein air mixed media painting started with conversations about their home decor (they have a beautiful American/Euro Farmhouse blend), favorite art styles (she loves French Impressionism), a clothing consultation, and finally the photo shoot to capture both the location and subjects. From this session, Kim begins the intricate work of painting their commissioned piece. The painting that resulted is currently being produced at museum quality to the ideal size and framing specifications for our special clients and will be displayed in their new home in central Kentucky’s horse farm country.

Reach out to Kim today to share your vision or dream of a perfect art piece. I can’t wait to hear your dreams and paint them into the perfect, authentically you piece for your home.

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