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At Kim Hannan Fine Art, we don't just capture moments; we transform them into masterpieces that tell the enchanting story of your life.


In the realm of the affluent, where discerning tastes demand the extraordinary, our studio stands as an oasis of creativity and sophistication. Here, every portrait is a work of art, every session an exquisite tale waiting to be unveiled.


Allow us to immerse you in the world of luxury photography, where each portrait becomes a chapter in a storybook of your life.

Ram Tough Framed.jpg

Unique works of art blending Kim's nature photography with her painted style resulting in a synthesis of Hyperrealism and Impressionism.

Custom mounted, framed and sized for your home and office.


These aren't your parent's headshots.  Your business portrait will reflect you, and all of your amazing personality.  And you will have fun creating them with our team.

Don't settle for anything less.

Based in San Diego, California ... available for commissions across the U.S.
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